While watching Melancholia I began to feel dizzy from all of the camera shifting and face close-ups, it was awkward. The music was the same throughout the whole film. I find that whenever the music plays, it is symbolizing the Melancholia of different situations. Towards the end of the film it seemed as though when the music played it was during the rejection of the reality that the planet was going to hit. The rejection of the Melancholy state that Justine had lived in for her whole life, which is why she was content with the end of Earth into nothing. Specifically, when Claire realizes the planet is going to hit she tries to “escape” on the golf cart and the music starts playing. I am thinking that Earth symbolizes reality (Logic) and Melancholia symbolizes depression (illusion). Justine’s idea of reality is perceived as an illusion. Justine actually had the correct perception of reality while everyone else was living in denial.
This film seems to suggest that Melancholia is not only a state of depression, but also a planet. Symbolically the planet represents depression… (I think) Anyways in the first half of the film entitled Justine, we learned that she shows up late to her own reception, while everyone begs her to be happy. She pretends but ultimately cannot shake her Melancholy feelings that consume her life. It is not until the second half of the film that I thought Justine was psychic. She was able to “see things” that others could not. For example when she tells her sister how many beads were in the bottle that no one guessed. In addition, when Claire lies about where John is the look on Justine’s face suggests that she knows the truth. I think Justine’s depression consumed her for the simple fact that she was able to see what was actually going to happen. She knew that this planet was going to collide with Earth all along, I think she may have felt that she should not endure the stress in her life nonetheless add to it by being married, which caused her to end her marriage on the night of her reception. Claire played an interesting role throughout the film as well. It seems as though the sisters had no relationship with each of their parents, and Claire takes on the mother role. She cares for Justine the same way a mother would her daughter. The relationship between Justine and her sister is most interesting to me. They fight like sisters, except Claire has to be the bigger person at all times and keep Justine in check. At the end of the film, the roles seem to reverse and Justine is now comforting Claire.

Playing around with ideas…
The idea of the planet crashing into Earth symbolizes what happens when depression takes over your life. Melancholia symbolizes depression and is referenced to as the planet that hides behind the sun, or darkness, when you have depression you are in the dark. John takes his life and leaves his wife and child to die without him. John is optimistic at first and calms everyone down, it seems as though Justine knows this all along and instead of ruining everyone’s ideas she keeps her comments to herself,, knowing that eventually the truth will be revealed and in the meantime she can just prepare herself.